The personal Excellence Masterclass


“The Personal Excellence Masterclass has become the fuel for my vision, my purpose, my destiny! I know that my life can never be the same again.”

Catherine Mwangi
Head of TV Production and Programming, KTN

“What a great program! It has started me on a journey of re-engineering my life. I will introduce it to my team and I also want my 3 adult children to attend. This Masterclass is a must for corporate teams that want to increase their productivity and effectiveness.”

Paul Mahiaini
Director, Stoic Company Limited

“This Masterclass has transformed, touched, and impacted me for the rest of my life.
I am still finding the right words to thank you enough and I can’t. This is such a great program, I feel like announcing it to the whole world. CEOs should enroll, Managers should enroll, Presidents should enroll, and everyone else, whether in high or low position, because this Masterclass will not leave them the same.

I gained clarity, and my purpose became well defined. See you on the other side of greatness.”

Charity Maina
Multimedia Producer, Content Creator, Communication Expert

“Insightful! The Masterclass has given wings to my dreams. I’ve left with a roadmap that gives me clarity and hope. I now have the determination to wrestle my life back and make it more focused, more intentional.”

Eric Kanyungu
Pastor, Ridgeways Baptist Church

“This Masterclass has helped me lean back on my core, my most innermost being, I already feel more rooted in who I am. It’s been wonderful meeting new people and connecting in such deep, meaningful ways.”

Ms. Mwīhaki Wawerū
Advocate, Office of the Auditor General

“The Masterclass has given me a process to pivot well. It’s equipped me to develop the resoluteness necessary to face life’s challenges head on. The Blueprint for Personal Excellence is the roadmap I’ve needed to pursue my life’s purpose.”

Caroline Muinga
Publishing Manager, Booktalk Africa

“I liked the mix of problem-solving games, space to create own solutions using the highly interactive Workbook, connection with fellow participants, and facilitation that stimulated meaningful conversations. More importantly, the sessions emphasized how to build an authentic life that aligns with each individual’s personality.”

Wanuma Waweru
Transaction & Reconciliation Specialist

“I’ve always wanted to create a personal development plan and now, I have one! I feel rooted enough to bring out the brilliance in me. I’m excited!”

Susan Murabula
Founder, Malkia Kenya Limited

“Helping high achievers become self-ware and increase their personal effectiveness is the heart of The Personal Excellence Masterclass. The Masterclass has helped me move from intention to action. The tools provided helped me take the necessary steps towards the achievement of my vision. As a co-facilitator, I can say that it impacted me first before facilitating it.”

Philip Muthemba
Certified Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer

Those three days were truly transformational… out of this world! The Masterclass has given me a completely new set of eyes and I now have clarity I’ve not experienced before. I’m determined, I’m energized… now know I CAN, and I WILL!”

Catherine Andabwa
Marketing Professional

What Other People Are Saying

“I just want to pause here and say that this is a very good program! The advice within it is excellent!” Shauna Vaughan, Award-winning Instructional Designer

“I like this course! It’s practically helpful. I came out with something that helped me make a change in my life.” Carol Gachiengo, Lawyer, Writer, Editor

“I love this! It’s easy to follow and highly impactful.” Peter Prout, PhD

“This is one of the most complete curriculums I’ve ever seen!” Marlene LeFever, PhD