The Team Excellence Masterclass

The Secret to Achieving High Performance


A survey conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership found that 91% of respondents agreed with the statement, “Teams are central to organizational success,” and 87% said, “Our team collaborating with other teams is essential for success.”

Clearly, teams are a vital part of almost every organization. Organizations depend on their teams to use resources more effectively, solve problems more creatively, and provide greater productivity than individual employees working alone.

The goal of every team is to perform at its highest level, and the secret to achieving high performance is this—having team members who CARE. Care in the literal sense, as well as in the sense of the acronym for the following traits: Communication, Ability, Results, and Esprit de corps. These four traits are the foundation of team excellence.

Teams will learn how to create synergy, set goals, cultivate accountability, and coordinate effective team-building activities, effectively allowing them to achieve high performance.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize the communication characteristics of high-performing teams
  • Assess individual strengths in order to ensure the best possible team performance
  • Recognize and avoid common goal-setting mistakes
  • Learn how to focus on goals and results effectively
  • Recognize the elements of esprit de corps
  • Learn what makes team building successful and what types of activities to avoid

Program Contents

  • C: Communication
  • A: Ability
  • R: Results
  • E: Esprit de Corps

Duration: Full Day

Offered on Demand, Express your team’s interest in this course: