For Busy Professionals

September 27-29, 2023 | Nairobi Serena Hotel


Are you a high-achieving professional or business owner whose pursuit of career success may be taking a toll on important aspects of your life? And do you want to create the right work-life harmony and chart a new path toward a life filled with vitality, purpose, meaning, and impact? The Personal Excellence Masterclass is designed for you. Imagine for a moment being handed a personal excellence plan to unlock your inner brilliance that:

  • Is uniquely customized for your specific situation and needs, and
  • Contains just a select handful of easy-to-execute strategies and activities designed to get you to where you wanted to go.
  • Fits on just ONE piece of paper?

This is exactly what you’ll create when you join us for our 3-day Personal Excellence Masterclass. If you’re moving in too many directions, spreading yourself too thin, and taking lots of action, but not necessarily working on the things that will dramatically accelerate you forward, then this is the event to attend. It’s perhaps the only life-planning event where you’ll actually walk out with a SHORTER to-do list.

During our 3 days together, you will:

  • ReFocus and achieve CLARITY in the life you want and the things that matter most to you. You will take time to think about your values, your purpose, your legacy, and the things that matter most to you— those that make you truly happy. In your reflections, you’ll make sense of what has happened in your life so far, where you are now, and how best to move forward.
  • ReWork to expand the CAPACITY necessary to create the outcomes you want. You will start to create empowering habits that stick so you can increase your personal effectiveness and maximize your time and talents. You’ll also learn how to build the capacity you need to be effective in the face of tough demands and difficult circumstances. Further, you’ll learn how to supercharge your life from the inside out.
  • ReIgnite by creating unstoppable MOMENTUM for continual improvement and growth. You’ll learn how to work your plan by developing a can-do mindset. As you start to take action, the flywheel of momentum will begin to turn. You’ll learn the ONE success strategy that rises above all others… and that’s stick-to-itiveness—the ability to stick with it. To keep taking action. To keep iterating.

Join us for The Personal Excellence Masterclass and let’s de-overwhelm your life — and help you create a plan to grow that you can actually achieve.

What you get:

  • 7 modules and 15 life-changing sessions to help you flourish both at work and in life.
  • Workbook as stimulus material to help you generate ideas on how to improve in every area of your life.
  • Templates to simplify the creation of your life’s Game Plan.
  • Your Personal Excellence Blueprint detailing your big vision and how to get there by prioritizing what really matters.
  • Lunches, teas/coffees, and water for 3 days at the Nairobi Serena Hotel.
  • Two 1-hour coaching sessions post-training to help you stimulate progress in your most challenging areas.
DURATION (3 full days) (7 weeks) (3 days, 4 nights)
DATES September 27-29, 2023 Commences August 19, 2023 October 24-28, 2023
VENUE Nairobi Serena Hotel Virtual The Great Rift Valley Lodge
YOUR INVESTMENT KES 49,000/- (US $457) KES 27,500/- (US $257) KES 99,000/- (US $957)